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ALWAYS SERIOUS, 13 November 2004
Cameroon Cameroon , Bamenda


Adeck Akah Mba was born on the 4th of March 1979 in Batibo. He's been a sports man from birth and possesses high class skills in the game of football. He's very discipline, intelligent, enthusiastic, feisty and diligent in the game of football that has become his profession. He started his career at a division three club called Moghamo United in his home town of Batibo in 1994. He helped the club gain promotion to division two same year. He did everything within his power to help the team gain promotion to division one by scoring 25 goals in 27 matches but to no avail. His brilliant performances and his goalscoring efficiency skills attracted the attention of many division one clubs but the family preferred PWD Bamenda to others because he was too young to live alone and far away from home. He spend three distressing years at PWD Bamenda as the club was always fighting against relegation to division two. Due to financial problems and mass exedus of player to other clubs, the club was relegated to division two under his captainship. Though the club was relegated, he had a good season and was wanted by many top clubs in the country but be preferred to travel abroad for greener pastures to South Korea. "It was a chaotic trip", said Adeck. He return to Cameroon after a month and signed for Cotonsports of Garoua where he exploded and had a fabulous season. He played champion's league eliminatories but unfortunately were eliminated at an early stage of the competition. In August 1999, he left Cameroon for Poland but was fatally injured on his debut in the Polish Championship that kept him out of the game for about six months. In November 2000, he moved to Germany where be played for three years. He was frequently changing clubs due to insolvence of his club.What a pity! After having been plonged into furious problems by Turkimspor Berlin, he decided to come back home and boost up his career.God's time is the best.

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18 December 2004

What a brilliant player u r.A good no of goals u scored.Hmm. U should be extremly Hard


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